Patterns In Themes

CMC West Coast ’11:

We have created a fictional character called a “Christian” who has all the benefits of salvation in Jesus Christ without any of the responsibilities of a “Disciple” of Jesus Christ. The fact is that we cannot separate the responsibilities of discipleship: loving selflessly, defending the poor, bringing the good news to the nations, from calling Christ our Lord and Savior. If He is truly our Lord, we must follow His commandments.

based on Greg Ogden’s message from his book “Transforming Discipleship”

Equipper Conference ’11:

The Jews awaited the arrival of God’s Kingdom as a cosmic event that would restore Israel to political prominence under the leadership of the Messiah. Jesus taught that He is the physical manifestation of God’s Kingdom and that we, through Him, would do the transforming work of His Kingdom in the world. God’s Kingdom is in the midst of us, as our Lord Jesus Christ, and He has included us in the work of “Kingdom building” here on earth.

based on the EC ’11 theme verses, Luke 17:20-21

World Christian Conference ’12:

As sons and daughters of the Most High King, we reflect imago dei – the image of God. As bearers of His name, we have been entrusted with both the calling and authority to carry out His purposes to bring His salvation to all peoples…All the nations are crying out for the good news, and it is time for us to fully embrace what the Lord has bestowed to each and every one of those He calls His own. We will never be completely alive unless we respond to the call and step out in faith with our God-given authority.

description of WCC‘s theme, Entrusted: Stepping Out With God’s Favor

Do you see a pattern emerging here? What are you going to do about it?