Tokyo Redux – Lunch, Compartmentalized

Tokyo Redux - Lunch, Compartmentalized

Let this be a warning to you world travelers. If you love to take pictures of your food but you want to remember the actual restaurant that you ate in, it might be a good idea to photograph the name of the restaurant (menu, outside, or whatever) at the same general time. Otherwise, you end up with a great picture of your lunch and no way to explain to people where you ate it. Well, it’s somewhere in Lumine, Shinjuku. I’m sure you’ll find it.


Tokyo Redux – The Wedding Parade

Tokyo Redux - The Wedding Parade

Walking through the fashionable district of Harajuku, we were delighted to encounter a bride and groom leading a parade of wedding guests on their rickshaw. Although not an uncommon sight in this neighborhood, people in the streets stood by to watch and take a few photos of the happy couple.

By the way, did you know the rickshaw was probably invented in Japan and not China, the country the stereotypical image is attached to? Rickshaw is a shortened form of jinrikisha (人力車)or “human powered vehicle”. Yeah you could have read that on Wikipedia, but I saved you the trouble. You’re welcome.


Tokyo Redux – Fruit Tart Amazing

Tokyo Redux - Fruit Tart Amazing

Note: While we are preparing to move to Japan, I am going through some of my photos taken over the past few years of things I’d like to share about my experience in Tokyo as a visitor. Even while we live there, I hope to never lose my sense of wonder about what an interesting and other-worldly place Tokyo truly is. These posts will be titled “Tokyo Redux”.

This was one of several incredible fruit tarts on sale by the slice in the depachika of Keio Department Store in Shinjuku. Depachika are the food sections of the department stores, found on the basement levels. While generally more expensive than grocery stores and other places to get take out prepared foods, the quality and selection of the depachika foods is something to marvel at. I encourage you to “window shop” but only on a full stomach!