Five Years

Today marks the five year anniversary of the Tohoku triple disaster. As we remember the thousands who lost their lives in the earthquake and resulting tsunami, as well as the dedicated workers of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear plant who gave their lives to prevent an even greater nuclear disaster, we also remember  and pray for the many more who survived, but still live with their wounds from that terrible day.

The wounds of losing loved ones, some who are statistically still counted as missing.

The wounds of losing their homes and belongings. Hundreds of thousands still live in “temporary housing”, which looks less and less temporary with each passing day. Many cannot rebuild on the land they own and can’t afford to buy land elsewhere.

The wounds of being traumatized whenever a sizeable earthquake hits their area, which is a common occurrence in Japan.

The wounds of a local economy that still struggles to recover and provide enough jobs for those who choose to stay in their towns or do not have the means to move elsewhere.

Lord God, these are your precious people. You’ve felt every tear shed by them, heard every cry in the darkness. You are their Healer and we ask you to heal them from the things that have wounded them. We pray they would experience your peace, the peace that can only come from knowing Jesus. Lord, would they receive the vastness of your love and mercy. Would you use their trials to help lift others out of despair. Would you restore to them hope for the future.

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