Life In Japan: My Heartful Bread

The day we arrived in Japan, our friends pointed out this bakery as we drove by. Everyone, according to them, loves My Heartful Bread. We took note, but didn’t even have a chance to visit it before another friend dropped by our house with a bag full of goodies from there. When I finally visited on a weekday morning, 10 minutes after opening, workers were still bringing out fresh baked treats from the ovens. I chose a pear tart, shaped like a pear with a light croissant like pastry and filled with a creamy custard. Then the apple mango tart, blueberry tart, and a plain custard filled roll. For good measure, I bought a loaf of freshly baked bread. The five items set me back a little over $10 including tax. Panera doesn’t come close.

It’s easy to understand why people love this place. Incredible pastries both sweet and savory, a free cup of coffee with your purchase, and a choice location that happens to be between our house and the train station make it an easy place to pick up dessert or a snack any time of the day or evening.

One thought on “Life In Japan: My Heartful Bread

  1. Charles says:

    I used to eat weekly at My Heartful Bread when I was working at CRASH. I’ve visited bakeries all over Tokyo and the greater Kanto region, and I have to say – My Heartful Bread is the BEST bakery I have ever been to in Japan in terms of taste, value, and atmosphere. You are blessed!

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