78% – Almost There!

At the beginning of May, we estimated our financial support levels to be around 40% with only 2 months left before our departure date. We went ahead and purchased our one-way tickets anyway. God had already brought us this far along and we certainly had faith He would bring us the rest of the way.

One month later we estimated our financial support again and found we were around 78%, nearly double of where we were only a month earlier! More importantly, we are only 2% shy of where we need to be for our agency to officially release us to go to Japan and we are confident over the next two weeks, God will raise up enough partners to see us through to financial support levels that will sustain us in Japan.

We thank all of you who have committed to partnering with us for giving us the ability to say “Send us!” to the Lord. Though we’ve said it a million times, it never seems to be enough: we could not do this without you. Here are a few of the ways the Lord has already blessed us through your support:

  • A wonderful 3 bedroom home with American amenities like a full-sized oven and clothes dryer, leased to us by another missions agency, SEND.
  • Christian Academy in Japan, a great school for our children to learn in, for conventional education, bi-culturalism and Christian faith.
  • Biblical Church of Tokyo, a church with vision and leadership that aligns with our vision of connecting with the local community based on local community needs.
  • Ongoing opportunities to serve with our friends and ministry partners in Ichinomiya, Chiba, with our short-term team from California and throughout the year.

If you have been wanting to support us but haven’t had the time to set up support or aren’t sure how to do it, please let us know what we can do to help you. I wouldn’t exactly say “Operators are standing by!” but we will certainly be here to answer your questions or walk you through the process. Thank you for bringing us this far and we can’t wait to report in from Japan in a little over 2 weeks from now!

Link: How to support us.

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