Preparing for Japan: The Epic Road Trip Begins

Well that is a bit of an exaggeration, but starting yesterday at our sister church in Walnut Creek, we have embarked on a partnership building tour that will take us to at least 9 churches and 2 missions conferences over the next 3 months. Of course for the most part, we’ll have the luxury of returning home to our own beds at the end of the day, but we’ll be mostly MIA from our home church of San Lorenzo for a while.

Like most people, public speaking was on my list of favorite activities just behind falling out of a moving vehicle, but I find that I actually enjoy sharing in public about our ministry in Japan. I suppose if you’re passionate about something and convicted that this is the path God has set you on, you WANT to tell everyone else about it.

Of course, my favorite part of sharing is getting to listen to the stories of people whom we shared with. It was a beautiful melody to hear people come up to us after service to share about their own experiences in Japan and their own compassion for the people of Japan. I am confident that we will receive the prayer coverage we need from brothers and sisters such as these!

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