New Beginnings

A view of one of the most densely populated areas of Tokyo and the world, Shinjuku, with Mt. Fuji peaking through the summer haze beyond.

The Fongs are moving to Tokyo next summer.

There, I said it, and now we can get over the awkwardness of the limbo we’ve kept ourselves in for the past couple of months as we ascertained if this was God’s plan for our family.  Obviously there is a story behind this statement, and its an story that reveals how God works in our lives and the gentle ways He coaxes us to live life to the full. It’s a story that started for us in 1996 but took 17 years of baby steps to bring us to the point where we can confidently go to Japan knowing it’s God’s plan and timing for us.

But that story can wait for another day. Today is the day a new season of our lives begins.

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