In Absentia

Returning to your blog after nearly 8 months of silence is a difficult task. One can’t help but wonder if people thought you died in a horrible accident or suddenly became homeless or lost the use of your fingers to type. Or worst case, maybe nobody noticed you were gone at all.

So why do I even come back to post again? I suppose when my life gets so crazy that it’s hard for me to sort out my thoughts, there’s something soothing about pouring it all out in written word, and letting it all go. And when I say crazy, I don’t necessarily mean crazy in a bad way, because life can be crazy in a good way too. Sometimes God seems completely silent and sometimes He just keeps telling you things non-stop and you need to stop whatever you’re doing and just try to digest it all. (When I talk about God speaking to me, I don’t mean it in some “voices in my head” way like I need some kind of special medication. God speaks in many ways, primarily through the Bible, and the times I spend reading and contemplating it, as well as through the advice of trusted wise friends, and even sometimes through circumstances or a song on the radio.)

I have a lot to talk about but the timing is not right, so I will have to write again when it is. I don’t mean to be mysterious or annoying but there’s a lot I can’t talk about yet. What I can say is that spending the last few weeks processing our mission trip to Japan has given me a fresh perspective on evangelism, which I do want to share with you later. And I want to share it in the context of the good old McDonald’s Big Mac.

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