Japan Mission Update – June 19, 2012

Greater Things Are Still To Be Done In This City

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to make this a video update from the roof of the house where we’re staying (don’t worry, it’s a flat roof used for drying laundry. Not like I would climb up on the roof like a teenager or anything.); however, we’re expecting a typhoon coming in tonight and the rain and wind have already begun. So this will have to be just a regular update.

It’s been a good first week in Japan, catching up with friends and family, travelling all over the city, and of course, eating great food. Many people want to know why we’re in Japan for a month, so it’s been a great opportunity to share about our upcoming mission in Chiba. I leave it to my wife to explain it in Japanese but I think people are interested in why we are here.

So far, we’ve been able to catch up with one of our former English conversation students from a few years ago and spend some fun times with two of my former co-workers and their families. As we were reminiscing, we realized we had known each other for fifteen years already. We have some other meetings planned with some of our other students also, and maybe an impromptu night photo walk with one of our students who we used to take to San Francisco on photo walks.

It’s not all fun and games though. We feel the enemy continuing to attack us as well as the rest of the team back at home. One of our team members and his granddaughter was mauled by a newly adopted dog in a frightening and unexpected attack. Praise the Lord he was able to protect his granddaughter’s life but both suffered multiple bites and he was recently admitted to the hospital with an infection from the bites. Here in Japan, both of our kids have been fighting a losing battle against the flu and it has put a damper on what we are able to do. And now, of course, the coming typhoon, which hopefully is more of an inconvenience than anything else.

It has been a reminder of the importance of prayer and I believe the Lord has allowed these things to remind us to fully rely on His strength through our prayers. We also believe that the enemy seeks to distract us from what is important, but we know that we will accomplish whatever the Lord will have us do.

Yesterday, we were able to visit the newly opened Tokyo Skytree, the tallest tower in the world. Looking down on the city, it was breathtaking to realize how many people live here. And then the sadness comes, realizing how few of those people know the hope we have in Jesus Christ. Yet, God is working in Japan in many ways, some invisible to our eyes.

We appreciate your prayer for our team, to be protected from the enemy’s attacks and that we will not be distracted from the work of the Lord. Continue to pray for our host church and the community we will be serving next week. And of course, pray for the nation of Japan, that a revival is near and those who are seeking God will find Him through Jesus Christ.

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