Ready for WCC 2012!

Happy World Christian Conference Eve! After months of planning and hard work, the event has finally arrived. Tomorrow, over 220 people will retreat to the beauty of nature to spend the weekend with the Lord, listening for His guidance in how to go about living the Great Commission in their lives.

The WCF and conference leaders have been fasting and praying over the past couple of weeks for each of our conferees and speakers to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in camp this weekend. We pray that above everything else, God is able to meet each person where they are in their World Christian journey and direct them forward to where He wants them to go.

As this is my first conference, I admit I’m a bit giddy with expectation and nervous about the things I am responsible for, which are admittedly few. In a way, not being busy this weekend creates some of that stress for me because I feel like I have the bandwidth to pitch in wherever help is needed. At the same time, I want to get the real WCC experience and not get overly involved in the details and behind-the-scenes planning that goes on all weekend long.

I hope to be able to check in via blog at various times during the weekend, but of course that depends on how much time I have and how good the Internet connection is. At the very least, catch us tweeting on Twitter all weekend long using #wcc2012.


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