Equippers Conference Check-In

Hi Everyone, just wanted to check in quickly from Equippers Conference down in Murietta, California. I had the experience that made my week today and I just had to share it.

Our good friends the Bellos came out from Orange County to hang out with us and sent me a text when they arrived to let us know they were here. By the time we met them down in the sanctuary, they had struck up a conversation with Jonathan Wilson, President of CRASH Japan, the primary Christian relief organization in Japan since the 3/11 disasters. Jonathan had given us a presentation last evening and I really wanted to talk to him but I knew he was very busy and I didn’t want to take up too much of his time with so many others at EC who wanted his time.

It turned out he was packing up to head down to San Diego with his family and was waiting for his wife to come and pick him up. With more than an hour to spare, Jonathan chatted with the Bellos and my wife Jayne and I from everything from the urgency of sending teams to continue to help minister to the Japanese in Tohoku to the joy and pain of Japanese toilet technology. To say it was a blessing to spend time with someone who may be considered one of the most important Christians in the world in 2011 would be an understatement. I was truly touched by his commitment and vision for not only how to continue to serve as healers to the Japanese, bringing them hope in the form of the gospel, but also how the lessons he learned from running CRASH Japan could be used to bring hope to other places in the world as well. We ended our impromptu meeting with a wonderful prayer.

Gotta run to the next session. Until later!

Jonathan Wilson of CRASH Japan chats with EC conferees

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